Business Gazelles

We are delighted to announce that Termo Profil has once again been recognized as a Business Gazelle at the Puls Biznesu magazine's ranking.

This distinction strengthens our position among the most dynamically developing companies in Poland and is a way to recognize our employees for their hard work and consistent development.

Post-Audit Certificate from ALUMASTER

We are pleased to announce the receipt of a Post-Audit Certificate from ALUMASTER Polska Sp. z o. o. on 14th June, 2023.
The certificate confirms the compliance of the installation of the COMBI threshold sealing system with the guidelines of Alumaster Polska, recorded in the system instructions and catalogues.

Forbes 2023 Diamonds

We are pleased and really proud to inform you that the company Termo Profil was awarded the Forbes 2023 Diamond. This honour is conferred on the most dynamically developing businesses in Poland. It confirms our trustworthiness and established market position. It is also a source of satisfaction for us and stimulates our further efforts and development.

Brilliant of Polish Economy

Having analyzed reliable financial data from Polish Court Register, the European Business Institute estimated the market value of our company and consequently bestowed the title of a Brilliant of Polish Economy 2020 upon the company Termo Profil.

Business Cheetah

The company Termo Profil encourages gradual development. The average dynamics of gains and profits has risen above 23% in recent years.
This has contributed to the fact of awarding us the title of a Business Cheetah 2020. The company Termo Profil has thus confirmed its place among the most dynamically developing Polish companies.

Business Gazelles

We are happy to announce that the company Termo Profil has been awarded the title of a Business Gazelle 2020 and joined the most dynamically developing Polish companies.
The sole fact of Termo Profil making it to the ranking situates it among members of an elite of small and medium-sized companies.

Business Gazelles

On 23 January 2013, during a solemn gala held at the EXPO seat in Sosnowiec, we were again presented by the portal Puls Biznesu with the prestigious award Business Gazelles 2012, as part of the 13th edition of the ranking of most dynamic small and medium-sized companies.

Local Market Leader

On the 11 May 2012, during a solemn gala held in Gorzyce (Silesia), the company Termo Profil was awarded a statuette as well as the title of a Local Market Leader 2011.

Business Gazelles

On 3 March 2010, during a solemn gala held in Sosnowiec, the company Termo Profil was for the first time awarded in the prestigious ranking Business Gazelles 2009. This award goes every year to the most dynamically developing small and medium-sized Polish companies.

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