BG Lift M250 for special tasks

Are you looking for an efficient way to optimize shipment and installation of large window constructions as well as large-size glass panes, which are flooding the market, reflecting the trend for large glass surfaces?

You need heavy equipment, but have no operating licence?

Our company offers a modern compact crane BG Lift M250 for special tasks in your company or house, including the operator!

By renting this piece of equipment you will have a chance to improve your everyday operational efficiency.

Installers will no longer have to devote their time and effort to carry huge constructions. Instead, they will be able to make sure that they install the elements properly, which will facilitate their work and speed up the window installation.

Advantages of the compact crane:

  • small size - it is possible to narrow the rolling chassis down to 80 cm, so the crane can reach even hardly accessible space
  • mobility - possibility of a full turn
  • absolute precision - it can lift and lower a glass pane that is a couple of hundreds of kilogramms heavy with millimetric precision
  • remote control - the operator can control the piece of equipment from the distance of more than ten metres and keep in sight everything that is going on at the construction site
  • two engines: electric and combustion one - therefore the machine can work both indoors and outdoors
  • exceptional stability - adjustable continuous tracks, which are essential in rugged terrain
  • long range - the piece of equipment can be used for works up to 17 m

In order to work under safe and comfortable conditions, please adhere to the installation guidelines:

  • unloading place for the crane - ca. 15 m long space is necessary to unload the crane and mount it at the construction site,
  • ground quality - the construction ground where the machine should work and be mounted is to be hardened,
  • air temperature - when the temperature drops below 0°C, it is impossible to install large glass surfaces,
  • flat terrain - the slope angle of the terrain where the crane is used should not exceed 10°-12° (front-to-back axis), maximum lateral tilting of 5°,
  • potential obstacles - scaffoldings, cloisters, fences, little walls may make proper installation difficult,
  • distance between the crane and the building as well as the declared mass of the carried glass - dependent on technical conditions, according to the chart below,

The final decision whether the crane can work on the terrain in question is made by the operator.

Price list for construction works done with the compact crane:

For detailed information feel free to e-mail us at: or call us: +48 32 456 22 00.

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